One More Warrior

The “One More Warrior Initiative” (OMWI) is an awareness and fundraising program within the “Operation Peace Foundation” (OPF) organization. The Mission of the OPF is to enhance opportunities of success for “at risk” U.S. military veterans by providing monetary living grants, coupled with a motivational family goal setting curriculum, as a means to support the veterans and their loved ones. A key area of focus within this community is suicide prevention. This issue is one of great concern to the Operation Peace Foundation and is consistent with alarming nationwide statistics.

Welcome to Clan-destine

Music is a spirit, music is a language, it’s a gift that brings us all together, music is magical, it can change time and space.  Music!

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Our Upcoming Events

Stepping Stone Community Celebration
Native American Connections Welcomes You
Friday, March 28th, 2014 11am-1pm
1311 N. 14th Street, Phoenix AZ
Cross roads: 14th Street and McDowell

Our Music

Clan-Destine has defined the sound of Native American popular music for over a decade, mixing vocal chants, flutes and the drum of their Native American heritage with modern genres such as rock, pop, blues and reggae.  Clan-Destine combines the energy and passion of today’s hot-edged grooves with the spirit of traditional ways.

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Giving people a good feeling and positive energy with our music,
Sending out positive vibrations into the universe.